About The Race Academy

Race Academy is an educational consultancy that works with a variety of colleges and institutions. From what you’ve described, they seem to focus on helping students find and apply to affiliated nursing colleges, engineering colleges, MBBS colleges (medical schools), and general degree colleges. Educational consultancies like this often provide guidance on college selection, application processes, and sometimes even offer preparatory courses for entrance exams.


Medical Courses

Nursing, Paramedical, MBBS, 

Medical Courses

B.E, Polytechnic, ITI

Medical Courses


Medical Courses

BA, MA, b.Sc, M.Sc, B.Com, M.Com


It’s great to hear that Race Academy is regarded as the best educational counseling center in West Bengal! Being recognized as the best typically indicates that they provide high-quality guidance and support to students in their educational endeavors. This might include assistance with college admissions, career counseling, exam preparation, and other educational services. If you or someone you know is seeking educational guidance in West Bengal, Race Academy sounds like a promising option to consider.

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